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Wood effect gates (PVC)

PVC wood finish effect, has become increasingly more popular in recent years and the benefits include, low maintenance, wipe clean, no rot, strength and consistency in the finish.

Put the final touches to your home with our new product, (PVC) gates and railings.


  • Simple to maintain
  • Effective
  • Realistic
  • Attractive
  • Decorative
  • Modern

This (PVC) wood effect requires less maintenance than traditional materials and extremely resistant to UVA & UVB rays. Improvements have been made to the molecular compositions of modern plastics to ensure long term service with minimum fade.


Our Standard gate range includes a variety of single gates and fencing panels, fitting varying gaps between 775mm and 2085mm

Standard size side gate to replace those old timber units. Supplied complete with hinges, latch and posts, these gates can easily be fitted into an existing opening to enhance any home. The Plastil system is maintenance free, and will never need painting. However we can provide PVC paint in a variety of colours if you so desire. This garden gate is available in two sizes: 925mm or 725mm in width by a standard 1830mm in height. The side posts are 100mm x 100mm x 2000mm in height, pre-fitted with a snap-in slot cover and need to be secured to an existing wall or post.

The gates come complete with the following:

  • 2 hinges and screws for fixing
  • Door latch and screws for fixing
  • Two posts complete with end caps

Available in white, this gate can be hung from either side and is manufactured in uPVC plastic.

Bespoke Range

Our bespoke bespoke range of gates and fences is based around 3 exclusive designs, reinforced with an external powder coated aluminium frame. Available in white and in some models, Golden Oak foil:

  • Stretton
  • Lawley
  • Ragleth

Each gate is made to measure and tailored to suit your requirements. Available complete with hinges, handle, latch or secure key lock and posts if required.

We now offer the both the Stretton and Lawley styles in a Golden Oak foil with a plain brown powder coated aluminium frame on the back.

Executive Range

Our executive range of PVC gates has fully integrated aluminium frames, giving identical appearance on both sides, no visible screws and moulded extrusion sections.

There are various styles available to suit all tastes, as can be seen in the gallery, with a Golden Oak Foil finish also available.

These gates are suitable for automation, and are simply the premium range of uPVC plastic gates.

Wood Effect Gates (PVC)