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Axo - up to 7m per gate leaf

  • The new Axo series features motors suitable for a multitude of applications. Features include built in end stop adjustment and with the ZM3E and ZLJ24 control panels, full euronorm compliance in both 230v and 24v versions.

Frog-Plus - up to 7m per gate leaf

  • CAME's Frog is the new underground solution for oversized swing gates typically found in commercial or industrial settings: army bases, prisons, hospitals etc. It is unmatched in terms of power and can even move large swing hangar doors.

Fast - Up to 2.3m per gate leaf

  • Fast belongs to an innovative series of versatile, powerful swing-gate operators; designed for medium-to-large pillars. With Fast, installation is quick and no extra work is needed on the pillar or gate itself.

Ferni - 24v - up to 4m per gate leaf

  • Ferni is the optimal solution for gates mounted on pillars where the motor-hinge centre distance can be quite large. Its unique transmission lever provides a simple and effective solution to the movement issues affecting such gates.

Solar Gate Kit 12v

  • We install these great little kits on 5 bar farm style gates and also smaller wrought iron gates.
  • All kits in this range can be solar powered allowing gates to be automated where mains power is not accessible.
  • For gates up to 4m and 200kg per leaf with easy manual over-ride key release.